SHARON KING and the Reckless Angels




A seasoned Scottish songwriter 'with a talent for spinning yarns...’ (LIST) Sharon King is a natural raconteur with an easy grace who continues to build a strong following and reputation. 

Her astute observations on Scottish life are carried in contemporary song writing and delivered wrapped in laughter. Her songs and banter are peppered with tales of her travels, and her albums have colours and textures are woven through the narratives by the mandolin, fiddle, and harmonies of The Reckless Angels and the more varied textures of  the bigger band The Nevernever Cowboys.

Working solo in 2018 Sharon can be found at Eden Festival on the 9th, at the MELODROME STAGE and supporting Rory Mcleod at the Voodoo Rooms in Edinburgh on 22nd of June.


**** R2  "A gem of an album... King pulls you into her world and it's a lovely place to be."   2012

**** MAVERICK  "...overflowing with beautiful songs that will seep gently into your soul." 2012

**** THE SCOTSMAN live review. "Distinctively talented, widely appealing yet thoughtfully eloquent vocalist and lyricist...this was a finely crafted set from a thoroughly seasoned performer."2012

**** SCOTLAND ON SUNDAY "personal, strong minded and often very moving."  2012

NETRTHYMS. CO.UK "creating a signature sound-world of limpid and persuasive beauty. short, a real treasure." 2012

PENNYBLACK MUSIC.COM "If Sharon King doesn't break through with this latest collection, then there really is no justice in this world. of the strongest sets of songs to be released so far this year. It's a beautiful piece of work, timeless, affecting and an album you'll keep near." 2012

AMERICAN ROOTS UK "a wonderfully crafted collection of songs with a distinct and slightly quirky narrative voice... magical and remarkable." 2012

MUSO SOUP "...subtly beautiful Celtic music, without even a wee dram of a cliche."

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"...firmly in the territory of the best contemporary Scottish music that has given us Karine Polwart, Emily Smith..."  R2  Reckless Angels (2009)    

" easy-going, toasting marshmallows around the campfire kind of atmosphere, bringing the cowboy spirit back to the glens." TAPLAS Reckless Angels (2009)

" A delightful and tender mix of north of the border reflections and Stateside prairie echoes, this is a set of rare depth and humour."  THE MUSICIAN MAGAZINE Reckless Angels (2009)