SHARON KING and the Reckless Angels


SHARON KING and the Reckless Angels
Sharon King


Kilmally Cemetry is near Fort William on the road to the Isles in the Western Highlands of Scotland. Josie is a 19th Century fictional character, her kids went of around the world and settled in Canada, Australia and America, leaving her behind.


Josie lays in Kilmally Cemetery, she died of a broken heart. The four winds of providence they blew her family far apart. The love she gave and the gifts she made, tools for their escape. Josie lays in Kilmally, in an unquiet grave. Atlantic swell took the boys away, they left such space to fill. Girls travelled further than she hoped they ever would. I am not from round here, you here us say, I come from Kilmally and its oh so far away. If I had the wings to fly, I would surely fly away. Back to Kilmally, visit Josies grave, and taste the western rain and oh that summer air, and I would lay down all my cares.