SHARON KING and the Reckless Angels

The Live Long Day

SHARON KING and the Reckless Angels
Sharon King


Martha wont you come on home, the blooms on your roses are fading. Toms hearts turned to stone: he sits watching waiting, waiting watching, watching waiting, he's frozen. A Blueflint High Bright Morning, through the live long day, the endless nights of longing. Martha wont you come home soon, the shine on your silver is tarnishing. Your girl has almost grown, she sits scritching scratching, she's asking questions, there are no answers, she's scritchin scratchin, she's frozen. Blueflint High Bright Morning..... Martha you've been gone so long the weeds on your front path are raging. Martha are you made of stone? We sit scritching scratching, we have some questions, there are no answers, we're scritching scratchin, we sit here waiting, we are frozen.